Mr. Balan served as an Officer in the Trade Finance Department, in a leading
Commercial Bank for over 20 years, during which period he acquired an in-depth
and extensive knowledge of import/export documentation.

In addition to advising the Corporate and SME Customers of the Bank on the
preparation of documents relating to trade finance he was also involved in
training the Staffs of the bank in the management of Letters of Credit and other

In 1993 he left the services of the Bank and moved to Hong Kong to work in an
American Bank and was actively involved in advising various Trading Houses in
Hong Kong on Letters of Credit operations and other similar Instruments.

He has on several occasions been called to the High Courts in Malaysia to give
evidence on matters relating to disputes on Letters of Credit transactions.

He is currently a freelance Trainer and also advises Organisations on Letters of
Credit transactions and other related matters.