Ng Yak Teng, Robert

Ng Yak Teng, Robert

Teaching, Leadership Training, Student Development, Staff Development, Language Teaching, Lecturing, Tutoring And Adult Training

Self Development Training , Ielts

Robert's academic qualifications includes a Bachelor of Education, majoring in Teaching of English as a Second Language from Edith Cowan University Western Australia. His other qualifications includes Strategic Leadership Development, Learning Engagement and Motivation and Learner Diversity. He is also an acredited Trainer certified by HRDF.

Robert is a former Director of INTI English Language Center(ELC), 2006 - 2009, INTI (Laureate International Universities) Malaysia.

Robert has conducted Study Skills and Learning Strategy Workshops, Team Building Events and delivers presentation on making Sketchnotes.

Robert has presented papers such as Strategies in Enhancing Student-Centered Learning Approach in Teaching and Enhancing Learner Diversity Awareness in an Institution of Higher Learning at the 3rd and 4th International Conference on Teaching and Learning in 2011 and 2013.