Leadership Skills

Mr. Philip Thomas

Short Summary: 

What if you could just say the word and it was done? What if you could command with authority? What if you knew exactly how to keep the clients, the stakeholders and the team members happy? What if people looked at you expecting to be led, because you were so trustable and wise? Anyone will aspire to become a great leader whose vision is taken seriously and is capable of delivering results. Results are indeed the only thing that matter most for a leader and how to gain results is exactly what you will learn in this course using efficient practical exercises. 

Course Description: 

“People think it must be fun to be a super genius, but they don’t realise how hard it is to put up with all the idiots in the world.”

- Calvin, from Calvin and Hobbes -

Are you managing but not leading?
Do you know how to have an impact as a leader? 
Do you know how to get your team to trust you and see you as a credible leader?
Do you know the subtle differences between strategical and tactical team leading?
This course is for people who want to become an effective leader. Leadership is different from managing. You lead people, but you manage things. Leadership is about Inspiration, motivation and vision. Managing is about optimisation of resources, scheduling, project management and so on. You may lead and manage at the same time, however, this course focuses on your leadership role. 

As a leader in the 21st century, you need to be prepared for dynamic, complex and competitive environments with a flexible approach. With a mission and a strategy you can look forward with confidence and certainty that will be picked up by your team. 

This course will show you how to lead and inspire your team, how to assess the needs of your stakeholders, how to spot the trends, how to influence key people, how to get the most from your team by increasing their creativity and how to manage risks and exploit opportunities. 

Goal Oriented Thinking: There is no point leading a team if you don’t know where you want to take them and if you don’t know, how do you expect your team members to know! 

Strategy: To achieve your goal, you need to have a strategy. How can you ensure not to get carried away with low-level details as opposed to leading the team? What is the difference between leading and managing? 

Life at the Centre of the Network: A leader needs to interact with a full circle of people, above or below. Learn how to interact with team members and stakeholders to satisfy their different needs. 

Influence: Once you know who to influence, you need to know how to influence them. Learn about different influence techniques you can use on different people with less or more authority than you.

Motivation & Questioning Methods: A team is most productive when it is motivated. You will learn how to understand your team’s vision and influence it. You will be introduced to techniques that help you to get to the bottom of any problem and find solutions.

Develop People: As a leader you are a role model and you should live up to it. You need to understand people’s perspective and their capabilities. Learn how to give feedback, what kind, when and to whom. 

Leadership Styles: Learn about different types of leadership, how to develop the style suitable for you and how to match it to team members’ individual needs.

Delegation:  Learn the rules of effective delegation.

Creative Thinking: Learn how to brainstorm. Get everyone to contribute. Capture the ideas effectively and learn how to think outside the box. 

Risk & Opportunity Management: Find out about risk management systems and learn how to take advantage of opportunities. 

At the end of the course, you will create an action plan to improve your leadership skills. Detailed course materials are designed to maximize your gain when using these newly acquired skills once back at work.


Extra Info

Secondary Students, University Students and Working Adults
Should Be Able To Read and Write Basic English
Course duration
2 Days or 12 Training Hours
Course Level
Beginners & Intermediates